Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation: Pros and Cons

Cosmetologist performs laser facial skin rejuvenation procedure

laser rejuvenation- the opportunity to become the owner of smooth, youthful skin, without scars, wrinkles and pigmentation.

What is

Laser facial rejuvenation is a cosmetic procedure that fights the signs of skin aging. Under the influence of high temperature, cells in the upper layer of the epidermis are burned and destroyed. After a while, the process of skin restoration and tissue renewal begins. More scientifically, non-microbial inflammation is deliberately triggered in the skin, the response of which is the production of new building blocks - collagen fibers. In addition, the laser effectively combats other skin defects - freckles, stretch marks, scars, scars, post-acne, enlarged pores.

There are many myths about this procedure. Here are some of them:

  • This is for older customers only. In fact, laser facial treatment is indicated from the age of 25 - when the first mimic wrinkles begin to appear.
  • Laser exposure is harmful to the skin. Compared to chemical peels alone, lasers are quite safe, as the specialist accurately calculates the depth of exposure - down to the minimum allowable microns.

The effect will be noticeable for several months after completing the full course. The duration of the course depends on the current skin condition and age. The less pronounced the changes, the fewer sessions will be needed. There is also another regularity - the older the patient, the longer the interval between procedures should be.

It is made

Girl after laser facial skin rejuvenation

Laser facial skin rejuvenation gives a noticeable effect:

  • wrinkles diminish or disappear completely;
  • scars and scars are healed;
  • pigmentation disappears;
  • the pores are narrowed;
  • bags under the eyes pass;
  • the contours of the face are taut;
  • increased skin turgor;
  • collagen production is stimulated.

The quality of the skin increases significantly, the face becomes silky, even, looks young and fresh.

Laser rejuvenation around the eyes is also popular. This delicate area is very different from the skin on other parts of the face, so the procedure parameters are adjusted with special care and precision. This makes the procedure as safe and effective as possible. But laser eyelid rejuvenation is only performed after 30 years and only if there is a large number of wrinkles in this area and a strong decrease in skin elasticity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Laser facial rejuvenationhas many positive aspects:

  • Pronounced and noticeable effect.
  • Versatility - suitable for all skin types.
  • High precision. The use of modern equipment makes it possible to precisely control the depth of laser exposure.
  • Minimal side effects. As a rule, they can only manifest themselves if the rules of procedure are violated or if there are contraindications.
  • The presence of an antibacterial effect. Laser beams have a strong bactericidal effect and prevent the multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Minimum recovery period. The skin is practically unharmed.
  • Absence of painful sensations. Patients do not complain of discomfort as there is no contact with surrounding tissue.
  • Safety. As the device does not come into contact with the skin, the probability of infection is zero.
  • The ability to treat the entire face in one session.
  • The best alternative to surgery.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • High Price. Not everyone can afford such a procedure, especially as it won't take one session, but an entire series.
  • The presence of contraindications.
  • The need to avoid sun exposure for several weeks after sessions. You also need to wear sunscreen.

But there are still more advantages than disadvantages. If we compare it to other methods used to improve the skin's condition, this technology is safer and more effective.

Features of the

The patient must wear protective eyewear during laser exposure.

The procedure is performed with a laser device. The specialist's task is to optimize the temperature in terms of efficiency and comfort, as well as to adjust the depth of penetration of the rays. Everything is selected according to the customer's skin type, its thickness and other individual parameters. The patient must wear protective eyewear to avoid damage to the retina by the laser beam. From the outside, everything looks very simple. But here it is very important not to make a mistake, otherwise you can burn yourself or cause the development of irreversible changes in the skin.

Therefore, when choosing an expert, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • Mandatory medical education.
  • An impeccably equipped workplace.
  • Positive feedback about the job.

When it comes to beauty and health, you need to be as serious and responsible as possible. As for side effects, the following phenomena are allowed immediately after the procedure:

  • redness of the skin;
  • swelling;
  • peeling;
  • Darkening;
  • hypersensitivity;
  • hyperpigmentation.

These symptoms usually resolve in 2–5 days. If the skin is very dry, it is necessary to lubricate it more often with a moisturizer, preferably with hyaluronic acid.


Laser Facial Skin Rejuvenation

laser rejuvenationnot suitable for everyone. It is imperative to weigh the pros and cons after consulting a doctor.

You should not experiment with people who are awaiting the birth of a baby or have not finished breastfeeding or are suffering:

  • heart and blood vessel diseases;
  • nervous system pathologies;
  • oncology;
  • tendency to scar formation;
  • depression;
  • skin infections;
  • herpes.

The use of photosensitizers and the presence of skin lesions - wounds, burns, inflammations - are also contraindicated. If the person does not inform the doctor about the presence of such conditions, complications can arise - herpes, erythema, exacerbation of rashes and scarring.

In the absence of contraindications and the doctor's high qualifications, the procedure will give a noticeable and lasting result. So it's up to you to decide.